Enhance your Office 365 & SharePoint Management with solid reporting practices

From the proper configuration of your SharePoint Servers, to maintaining their health and security, SharePoint Administrators need the right tools to understand their environment and make the right decisions. This 21-page handbook provides you with a list of important reports that you should be using.

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SharePoint Reports, demystified:

Chapter One

A SharePoint Admin’s Tasks

What Am I Doing?

Understand how reporting can help you better manage your day-to-day as a SharePoint Admin.

Chapter Two

Problem Detection Reports

What’s Wrong With My Environment?

Make sure your environments perform as expected, and be aware of issues like slow pages and broken hyperlinks.

Chapter Three

Detailed Usage Reports

What’s Happening in My SharePoint?

Gather useful information about your SharePoint environment, and improve your Site's performance and content.

Chapter Four

Audit Log Reports

What Are My Users Doing?

Stay in control of your environments by collecting and analyzing information about your SharePoint.

Chapter Five

Security Reports

Is My Information Secure?

Get insights on your User Permission Levels and External Users in order to keep your sensitive information secure.

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About the author
Benjamin Niaulin
Benjamin Niaulin is an Office Servers and Services MVP, recognized as one of the Top 25 SharePoint influencers in 2014 and 2nd for Office 365 in 2015. Being a Microsoft Certifier Trainer since 2008 has allowed him to become proficient in simplifying complex technologies, making him an expert in SharePoint & Office 365 vulgarization. He's spoken at over 200 conferences around the world.